Nature Lessons!

Nature Lessons The other day I happened to watch the Planet Earth 2 series aired in BBC. Its a beautiful program especially to those who love to watch the nature. I happened to watch two series back to back and two scenes won't go away from my head. The more I thought on it God … Continue reading Nature Lessons!

God of Small things…

God of Small things... In this world everyone's behind success. Nobody like to be a failure in life and everyone tries one or other way to be successful. Some people defines success by becoming famous were as some by becoming rich, others by power, some through art, music, dance and many other fields. So people … Continue reading God of Small things…

Stay a While…

Stay a While... We live in a very competitive world. Everyone's busy. Nobody has time for anything. From the time we wake up in morning we are on a mission to accomplish all the tasks assigned to the day. Still we cannot finish all tasks and to those who can work from home continue to … Continue reading Stay a While…


Rewards! Everyone like to earn rewards. Rewards are basically the pay you get for accomplishing a job. For example you go to work everyday and the money the company pay you as salary is a reward to the work you do there. Again there are certain rewards which can be earned as bonuses like winning … Continue reading Rewards!

Changing Plans!

Changing Plans! Planing is one of the most important thing we need to have in our lives. We should not head for anything without a proper planning. If we look around our neighbourhood were we live, we can see the houses, roads, gas-line, water supply are all done with precise planning. When a new community … Continue reading Changing Plans!


Pain... Pain is the worst feeling that anyone can have in life. Nobody likes pain. Why? Because it hurts and it creates changes in the comfort zone we enjoy. Pain can therefore be said as a sensation that creates disturbance to the comfort we enjoy. Pain is usually caused as a result of hurt. Hurt … Continue reading Pain…

Faith + Hope + Love

Faith + Hope + Love Today I would like to start by saying three stories. Story 1 There was a village. They were undergoing a terrible famine and were facing threats to their farmlands. Therefore the head of the village called a prayer meeting to pray for rain. Everyone in the village went for prayer … Continue reading Faith + Hope + Love

Hearing Voices!

Hearing Voices! Hearing is one of the five senses what God gifted us and we are really blessed to have this sense. Everyday we hear thousands of sounds. Every sound differs, it includes soft whispering to loud screaming! Some soft music to hard metal noise! When it is pleasant to our ears we call it … Continue reading Hearing Voices!


Desert! We all know two third of earth is covered with water and there is only one third of land. Out of this one third around 33% is desert. Deserts are vast areas of landmass on earth with literally nothing but sand in it. There is no water, no plants or animals as the climate … Continue reading Desert!


Free! 'Free' is perhaps the best word we like to hear! Why we like it so much? When someone says it's free we don't have to pay anything but we can own the free labelled item absolutely at no cost! Since we are not loosing anything to get the item regardless we need it or … Continue reading Free!