Self Realization

Self Realization Once a farmer found an eagle's egg in an abandoned nest. He took it home and slipped it in amongst his chickens under a brooding hen. When the egg hatched the mother hen reared the eagle chick as if it were her own child. And so that eagle chick grew up thinking that … Continue reading Self Realization


Doors Doors are inevitable things in our life. It helps us to get in and get out of a house, room, building and so on. Usually the number of rooms in a building will be almost equal to the number of doors in the building. Doors are used for safety and privacy and to restrict … Continue reading Doors

Be Thankful!

Be Thankful! Thank you is a very common word we use in every day life. We say thank you to show our affection to somebody for doing a favor to us. The real thing what happens here is most of the time we say thank you as a courtesy sake but when we under go … Continue reading Be Thankful!

Be Fruitful!

  Be Fruitful Its early summer now and we can see all the plants have blossomed and bearing colorful, beautiful flowers all around the place. Some flowers look very beautiful while some have great aroma. The trees also started bearing fruits and covered with green leaves. How was it about 4-5 months back? It was … Continue reading Be Fruitful!

Restoration & Reincarnation

Restoration & Reincarnation It was the other day this thought came to me and had a strong urge in heart to share it and so would like to share here. Genesis 1:1 & 2 says -In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over … Continue reading Restoration & Reincarnation

You are Precious!

Before you read please note this is not a continuation to the other 5 chapters I wrote of "A Purposeful Life". You are Precious! Isaiah is a wonderful book in Bible with lots of promises of God. Especially when you go through very tough situations in life this book gives you comfort, hope, inspiration and … Continue reading You are Precious!

The Great Call (A Purposeful Life)

Chapter 5 The Great Call In the previous chapters I gave an outline on how every person is unique, the problems we face and its purpose, difference between God and man and God’s purpose, the great love of God and in this chapter I would like to talk about what one who was brought with … Continue reading The Great Call (A Purposeful Life)

God’s Love (A Purposeful Life)

Chapter-4 God's Love In this chapter I would like to express about the unfailing love of God. So to begin with what is Love? What sorts of Love are there? What's the difference between God's love and human love? Let's have a look into details. In this world we can find various types of loves. … Continue reading God’s Love (A Purposeful Life)

God & Man (A Purposeful Life)

CHAPTER 3 GOD & MAN Here I would like to discuss about God and mankind. First let's discuss about God. Who is God? Some say he is a power, others say he is the creator. Some believe he's everlasting, wisest among all and many other things. But who exactly is God? Is he a power, … Continue reading God & Man (A Purposeful Life)

Ups & Downs in Life (A Purposeful Life)

Chapter 2 UPS & DOWNS IN LIFE As I said in last chapter all are born into this world with absolutely no control on what and where we have to be, mostly the kind of family and the situations around you make who you are in life. Of course I admit there are lot of … Continue reading Ups & Downs in Life (A Purposeful Life)