Turning Tables

Turning Tables! For the last few months we have been hearing about the American election. Hot hot debates were going on about who would be the next President of United States of America. After much anticipated wait, the day had finally come and the results are out and Donald J Trump is elected the 45th … Continue reading Turning Tables


Salt Salt is an essential part of our life. We use salt every day in our food as a flavoring agent to increase the taste of the food, a preservative agent to preserve food for a long time, as an antiseptic agent for its curative power and many other properties. Salt is formed when a … Continue reading Salt

Understanding True Size….

Understanding True Size... We are blessed with good eyesight. We can see both near and far objects clearly. Unlike animals we are blessed with colour vision and a better lens than any advanced camera. But when coming to understanding sizes we often fool our eyes. When we see big things we really don't understand the … Continue reading Understanding True Size….

Bridges & Flyovers!

Bridges & Flyovers! We drive through the highways almost every day for different purposes like going to work, shopping etc and the bridges and flyovers on the way are familiar to us. In fact, they have become a part of us for when we reach each bridge and flyover we automatically change lanes and take … Continue reading Bridges & Flyovers!


Fermentation Fermentation is a technique which dates back to Neolithic age in 7000-6000 BC. Fermentation is a metabolic activity in which sugars are converted to gas or acid by micro organisms like bacteria, fungus etc. Fermentation has a great role in food industry like the bread we eat daily, yogurt, butter, cheese, vine, beer and … Continue reading Fermentation

God of Small things…

God of Small things... In this world everyone's behind success. Nobody like to be a failure in life and everyone tries one or other way to be successful. Some people defines success by becoming famous were as some by becoming rich, others by power, some through art, music, dance and many other fields. So people … Continue reading God of Small things…

Stay a While…

Stay a While... We live in a very competitive world. Everyone's busy. Nobody has time for anything. From the time we wake up in morning we are on a mission to accomplish all the tasks assigned to the day. Still we cannot finish all tasks and to those who can work from home continue to … Continue reading Stay a While…


Rewards! Everyone like to earn rewards. Rewards are basically the pay you get for accomplishing a job. For example you go to work everyday and the money the company pay you as salary is a reward to the work you do there. Again there are certain rewards which can be earned as bonuses like winning … Continue reading Rewards!


Pain... Pain is the worst feeling that anyone can have in life. Nobody likes pain. Why? Because it hurts and it creates changes in the comfort zone we enjoy. Pain can therefore be said as a sensation that creates disturbance to the comfort we enjoy. Pain is usually caused as a result of hurt. Hurt … Continue reading Pain…

Faith + Hope + Love

Faith + Hope + Love Today I would like to start by saying three stories. Story 1 There was a village. They were undergoing a terrible famine and were facing threats to their farmlands. Therefore the head of the village called a prayer meeting to pray for rain. Everyone in the village went for prayer … Continue reading Faith + Hope + Love