Getting it your way!!!

The Pharisees came to test Jesus and ask is it right for a man to divorce his wife for whatever reason? Jesus answered NO because, God intended marriage to be a life long. The only authorized reason is sexual immorality. So they test Jesus and ask why the Moses law permits divorce? Jesus answers that … Continue reading Getting it your way!!!

Different Modes of Prayer!

Different Modes of Prayer When things gets out of hand, we often hear Pray! What is prayer? Does it work? Today I would like to invite you to look into different modes of prayer. Let’s begin with what prayer is. Prayer can be defined as communicating with God. Through prayer, we submit our requests, petitions, … Continue reading Different Modes of Prayer!


Submarine! Submarines are awesome man made structures that carry us through unforgivable environment, the heart of the sea! It is built strong to dive in the ocean up to a thousand feet and move under water undetected! This makes it so awesome war machine to launch missiles and torpedoes to the enemy territory and warships. … Continue reading Submarine!


Hungry! Food, water, clothing and shelter are the most inevitable parts of our life. We may be able to survive without proper clothing and shelter, but it's impossible to survive without food and water. In fact, we all work and earn money for this very reason, to have good food, water, clothing and shelter. To … Continue reading Hungry!

Weakness Made Strong!

Weakness Made Strong! We humans are a special species from other animals. Unlike animals we are gifted with great knowledge and wisdom that all what we see around us today- houses, buildings, food, language, clothing, cars, computers, mobile phones, etc.- are all results of the work of human brains, were as the animals still live … Continue reading Weakness Made Strong!

Fly Away!

Fly Away! Everyone in this world faces a lot of problems in life. Whether big or small everyone faces different sorts of trouble. As someone said 'for an elephant it is the timber but for an ant its the grain of rice!' Well, that saying says it all, the vast difference between problems in different … Continue reading Fly Away!

True Friend!

True Friend! We live in the age of social networking. Almost everyone got accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many other social networking sites. The technology has developed so much that we can access these social networking sites in the form of an app on our smartphones. We have a lot of friends on … Continue reading True Friend!

Just One Thing!

Just One Thing! We worry about many things. We worry about our future, work, family, finances, sickness, friends, food, clothing and many other things. Whether we like or not we keep worrying knowingly and unknowingly. Some people tend to get tensed a lot over small things while others may not worry about that particular issue … Continue reading Just One Thing!


Labels... Labels are used to identify and differentiate things from one another. Many times we know several people by their name but don't know in person, while some are recognized by their way of living rather than their names. Similarly, in a grocery store we can find the same grocery product labelled in different types … Continue reading Labels…

The Real Birthday!

The Real Birthday! Birth and death are the two major events in a person's life. The birth signifies the existence of a new person into the earth and the death signifies the non existence of the person on this earth. We tend to be happy on our birthday for God kept us safe and gave … Continue reading The Real Birthday!