Ridiculous Requests!

Ridiculous Requests! When life throws us big stuffs beyond our abilities, it's easy to trust God as there is no other option other than to pray and ask for deliverance, but do we trust God the same way for small things? Do we pray for things even when it's possible by our efforts and abilities? … Continue reading Ridiculous Requests!

True Friend!

True Friend! We live in the age of social networking. Almost everyone got accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many other social networking sites. The technology has developed so much that we can access these social networking sites in the form of an app on our smartphones. We have a lot of friends on … Continue reading True Friend!

Faith + Hope + Love

Faith + Hope + Love Today I would like to start by saying three stories. Story 1 There was a village. They were undergoing a terrible famine and were facing threats to their farmlands. Therefore the head of the village called a prayer meeting to pray for rain. Everyone in the village went for prayer … Continue reading Faith + Hope + Love


Independence As we celebrate another Independence Day let's remember all the Great men who worked behind to earn this freedom what we enjoy today. Many of us don't understand the value of freedom. Only when you undergo suppression and oppression you will understand the true value of freedom. Therefore let's salute all Great men who … Continue reading Independence

Right Beside You!

Right Beside You! We all worry on different things in life. It's impossible to find anyone without any worry. One or the other way everyone worries about something. The causes of worries are different and the weightage of worries are different but everyone thinks there reason to worry is the most important thing in life. … Continue reading Right Beside You!


Remember... We have been blessed with a wonderful memory that we can remember many things in our lives. We remember our names and names of almost everyone we know. We remember several dates such as our birthdays, marriage and death anniversaries of spouses, parents, kids, friends, relatives and so on. We also remember several special … Continue reading Remember…