Getting it your way!!!

The Pharisees came to test Jesus and ask is it right for a man to divorce his wife for whatever reason? Jesus answered NO because, God intended marriage to be a life long. The only authorized reason is sexual immorality. So they test Jesus and ask why the Moses law permits divorce? Jesus answers that … Continue reading Getting it your way!!!

Mysterious Ways!!!

Mysterious Ways! Today, I want to share on certain circumstances where God, acts unexpectedly and miraculously in life. We know that the loss of a family member is disastrous. The life of a widow and an orphan is no longer the same as in the past. The pain and trauma they go through are beyond … Continue reading Mysterious Ways!!!

Ridiculous Requests!

Ridiculous Requests! When life throws us big stuffs beyond our abilities, it's easy to trust God as there is no other option other than to pray and ask for deliverance, but do we trust God the same way for small things? Do we pray for things even when it's possible by our efforts and abilities? … Continue reading Ridiculous Requests!


River Rivers are wonderful water system in nature. They start from high mountains or hills and as the slope tends it continues to run through the dry land and it finally connects to the sea. The longest river is recorded to be Nile, which stretches for 4258 miles! The source of a river varies from … Continue reading River

Changing Dry Life!

Changing Dry Life! We often come up with certain problems in life where we get completely stuck up not knowing what to do and how to get through. It's very hard and painful situation. You try everything you know and all the possible ways of help and try to get over it, but what if … Continue reading Changing Dry Life!

The Caged Bird…

The Caged Bird... Once there was a beautiful nightingale in a forest with a beautiful voice. It used to sing such wonderful songs that everyone who lived near the forest used to come to the tree to hear the beautiful songs. The bird's songs were so powerful to touch the people's hearts! Soon the fame … Continue reading The Caged Bird…

Fly Away!

Fly Away! Everyone in this world faces a lot of problems in life. Whether big or small everyone faces different sorts of trouble. As someone said 'for an elephant it is the timber but for an ant its the grain of rice!' Well, that saying says it all, the vast difference between problems in different … Continue reading Fly Away!

Just One Thing!

Just One Thing! We worry about many things. We worry about our future, work, family, finances, sickness, friends, food, clothing and many other things. Whether we like or not we keep worrying knowingly and unknowingly. Some people tend to get tensed a lot over small things while others may not worry about that particular issue … Continue reading Just One Thing!


Helplessness.... Once upon a time there was a fisherman. He made his living by fishing. He had a small hut with his wife and mother in law. They were very poor and struggled very hard to meet the everyday needs. Due to improper shelter and lack of food one day his mother in law fall … Continue reading Helplessness….

The Real Birthday!

The Real Birthday! Birth and death are the two major events in a person's life. The birth signifies the existence of a new person into the earth and the death signifies the non existence of the person on this earth. We tend to be happy on our birthday for God kept us safe and gave … Continue reading The Real Birthday!